Reboot Week: 12/1 - 12/4

December 2, 2020

Xổ số miền bắcDear MCPS families,

We hope that all members of our MCPS community had the opportunity to enjoy fall break. December is here, marking the end of first semester. During first semester, we collected various data. We are using all of it -MAP data, benchmark scores, attendance reports, and responses from family surveys- to adjust instruction and provide needed support to our students and families.

Xổ số miền bắcFor example, December 1st through December 4th is Reboot Week. During this time, teachers will not post any new assignments to be graded, but instead provide assistance to students who need to make up assignments or need additional support. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to get caught up and sharpen skills. Although we are aware that for many student’s life outside of virtual learning can be very challenging and busy, especially during this time of year with holiday preparation, changing weather, and social distancing, students need to continue to stay focused and engaged in virtual learning. Over the next three weeks, please take time to reinforce the importance of students having a strong end to the first semester. When we return from the winter break, we will begin both a new semester and a new year— 2021! Let us embrace these new beginnings and look forward to a successful new year ahead. In the meantime, have a relaxing break and joyous holiday season. Stay safe and happy New Year!